Little Moons Mochi Stocked at Oodles

Oodles is excited to be working with Little Moons to bring you the first dessert to our menu. Oodles will be stocking Passionfruit & Mango mochi and Creamy Coconut mochi across all of ours stores from Friday 19th March 2021. The following branches will be stocking both flavours.

Oodles Evington Road
Oodles Granby Street
Oodles Nottingham
Oodles Derby
Oodles Coventry
Oodles Ladypool Road
Oodles Luton
Oodles Milton Keynes
Oodles Walthamstow
Oodles Tooting
Oodles Green Street
Oodles Ilford Lane
Oodles Watford
Oodles Slough
Oodles Manchester
Oodles Blackburn
Oodles Bolton
Oodles Bury
Oodles Rochdale
Oodles Batley
Oodles Oldham
Oodles Loughborough

Brother and sister, Howard & Vivien Wong, launched Little Moons in 2010 on a mission to bring Japanese mochi with a delicious, modern twist to the masses.
Mochi traditionally is a ball made from rice dough. However, Little Moons Mochi’s have a ball of delicious artisan gelato in the centre wrapped in mochi dough making them very irresistible!

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