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Oodles is an Eastern-inspired quick-service restaurant, revolutionising boxed food with theatrical live cooking using fresh ingredients. Oodles was founded in 2010, starting with the first store in Leicester. We are seeking individuals or groups interested in progressing alongside us, displaying a steadfast dedication to long-term business expansion.


of our franchisees are multi-unit operators

Why Oodles

Fresh Ingredients, Theatrical Cooking, Revolutionised Boxed Food!

As the saying goes, “The evidence speaks for itself!” A noteworthy 80% of our franchisees manage multiple Oodles stores, all initiated through individual agreements without any obligatory commitments. This fact alone should offer substantial reassurance to potential investors. Such a remarkable achievement is attributed to our exceptional return on investment (ROI) and the unparalleled support we extend to our franchisees. It’s worth noting that our typical payback period is a mere 24 months.

By joining us, you’re investing in an assertive brand wholly dedicated to your expansion and financial prosperity. We ensure transparency and offer comprehensive assistance, solidifying your decision to partner with us.

The FRanchise

On-Boarding Journey

Your on-boarding journey is designed to set you up for success every step of the way. Starting with an in-depth orientation, you’ll become acquainted with our brand values, operations, and proven strategies. We’ll provide comprehensive training, equipping you with the skills to manage your franchise unit efficiently. Our support team will guide you through site selection and setup, ensuring your business reflects our high standards. As you launch, ongoing mentorship and resources will be at your fingertips. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to being with you on this exciting journey of growth and achievement.


of our franchisees are Multi-brand operators

Our Support

Site Selection & Setup

The first crucial step in setting up your Oodles franchise is selecting the ideal location. We will work together to find a suitable site with a combined effort. Our head office will identify potential properties that may be suitable for an Oodles franchise. We also encourage you to keep an eye out for any properties that you come across during your search. By collectively working together, we can ensure that we find the most optimal location for your franchise.

Design & Layout

At Oodles, we uphold a consistent level of quality and aesthetics across all our stores through a standardised process. We collaborate with approved high-standard fit-out companies, granting our franchisees the liberty to choose from a list of pre-approved companies. We also offer flexibility, allowing franchisees to opt for their own contractors, provided they adhere to our design standards.
To maintain design integrity, our in-house team of senior designers take charge of the store layout and design. Carrying out site visits, they draw up the layout, create renders, and provide the final store design pack, ensuring a cohesive brand identity.
Furthermore, we help our franchisees in obtaining the planning permission works. This support streamlines the process, helping franchise partners navigate the legal aspects effortlessly and ensuring a smooth and successful store launch.


With our management team of over 100 years of combined operational experience in the F & B sector, and franchise management we have a proactive approach to the business and are always innovating new methods that enable our franchise partners to operate smoothly and efficiently. We are always bringing in new systems that help save operational costs in the long run. We also carry out regular operations audits to ensure our teams are working under prescribed standards and that our customers are getting the best food and service.


Our head office marketing team gives extensive support in planning the grand opening event and post opening events ensuring a buzz of customers. We also assist franchisees with their annual local store marketing plan. In addition to this, we have assets available for them as and when they wish to trigger a promotion.


We will assign a Franchise Business Manager who works closely with you to ensure your business performance growth. Increase in revenue and controlling your expenses to maximise your profitability.


Throughout our journey, we’ve strived for operational simplicity and efficiency. With over a decade of experience, we’ve crafted comprehensive systems and a detailed franchise operations manual to help you in your day-to-day tasks. However, we understand that targeted training, customised to your requirements, is pivotal for operational excellence and increased efficiency.

To achieve this, we’ve carefully organised our training process into three clear stages.

Head Office Training – offers a two-week program at our corporate branches in Leicester. This intensive training equips you with the expertise to navigate day-to-day operations seamlessly. Moreover, we ensure your staff’s proficiency in key operational facets, ensuring they are poised to contribute effectively to your new franchised establishment. We do not charge you for the Head Office training and this comes as part of the franchise fee you pay for securing the franchise rights of Oodles.

Pre-opening Training – acknowledges the importance of a successful grand opening. Despite comprehensive Head Office training, the excitement of the event can be overwhelming, especially with a buzzing Grand Opening event that we help create on the opening day! To address this, we offer the reassurance of two crucial team members – our Head Chef and Front of House Manager – who will be by your side during the launch week. Moreover, up to two Head Office personnel will provide unwavering support on the opening day. This preparatory training, similar to the Head Office training, incurs with no additional cost, reflecting our commitment to the success of your flourishing business.

Ongoing Training – our commitment extends beyond the initial stages. With our On-going training support, you’ll benefit from periodic visits by dedicated members of our team, with the potential for up to EIGHT Head Office visits annually. These visits encompass a spectrum of pivotal tasks, including business planning, comprehensive audits, and training on new product offerings.

Like all our support initiatives, these visits are provided without any additional charge, reinforcing our unwavering dedication to your enduring prosperity. At Oodles, your success is our success, and our training and support systems reflect this resolute commitment.

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