1. What is Oodles franchise?

Oodles is an Eastern-inspired quick-service restaurant, revolutionising boxed food with theatrical live cooking using high quality, fresh ingredients. The franchise opportunity allows you to establish and operate your own Oodles franchised store while benefiting from a proven business model and brand recognition.

2. How can I become a franchisee of Oodles?

To become a franchisee of Oodles, you need to fill out the franchise application available on our Oodles Franchise website. Once your application is reviewed we will contact you to explain the process. You can also learn more about the process by clicking the Process page.

3. What support does Oodles provide to franchisees?

Oodles provides comprehensive support to franchisees, including assistance with site selection, store design and layout, staff training, supply chain management, marketing strategies, and ongoing operational guidance. This support is designed to help you succeed.

4. What are the financial requirements for owning an Oodles franchise?

The financial requirements vary based on factors such as location, size of the store, and local market conditions. Oodles Franchise investment starts from £120,000 +VAT for the Food Court / Kiosk format and from £160,000 for High Street format and finally from £200,000 for the Flagship format.

5. Can I choose the location for my Oodles franchise?

Yes, Oodles encourages franchisees to provide input on potential locations for their franchised Oodles store. However, the final decision is usually made in collaboration with the franchise support team to ensure the chosen location aligns with the brand’s standards and target demographic. 

6. Do I need prior restaurant experience to own an Oodles franchise?

While prior restaurant experience can be beneficial, it is not always a strict requirement. Oodles offers comprehensive training and support, which can enable individuals with varying levels of experience to successfully operate their franchise.

7. How long does it take to open an Oodles franchised store?

The timeline for opening an Oodles store can vary depending on factors such as location, permitting, construction, and training. On average, it can take 4 -6 months from the signing of the franchise agreement to the Grand Opening.

8. Is ongoing training provided to my staff?

Yes, Oodles provides continuous training for you and your staff to ensure consistent quality and adherence to brand standards. This includes Head Office training of 2 weeks, pre-opening training of 1 week and ongoing training of up to eight days annually as and when needed..

9. Can I own multiple Oodles franchises?

Yes, qualified franchisees often have the opportunity to own multiple Oodles franchises in different locations, provided they meet the necessary requirements and demonstrate their ability to manage multiple stores effectively. An impressive 80% of our franchise partners are multi-store operators.

10. How do I get more information about owning an Oodles franchise?

For more information about owning an Oodles franchise, you can reach out to the franchise team via the provided contact details to get your questions answered and begin the application process.  

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